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Lt. Matthew Ivory 

The White Lake Township Police Department Patrol Division is the largest division within the Police Department and serves as the backbone of police services. The Patrol Division is currently staffed with a Lieutenant, four Sergeants, and fourteen patrol officers (authorized for sixteen). The Patrol Division handles on average 27,000 calls for service per year and is responsible for patrolling White Lake’s 37 square mile area. In additional to daily patrol duties and responding to calls, the patrol division is responsible for the following details and programs:

  • PACT Program (Police and Community Together)
  • Senior Welfare Check Program (Conducting regular checks on seniors in need)
  • Vacation House Check Program (Residential house checks during times of vacancy)
  • Focused Patrol (Detailed enforcement effort when suspicious activity is known)
  • Directed Patrol (Datadriven patrols in a specified area to reduce both crashes and crime)
  • Radar Trailer Deployment (Speed measurement device)
  • Community Policing Details (Regular checks of all subdivisions in the Township)
  • Business Watch Program (Regular checks and walkthroughs of businesses, both while open and after-hours)

The Patrol Division takes pride in providing high quality services to the residents, businesses, and guests of White Lake Township. We operate with a community service-based philosophy and actively enforce traffic law in a professionally aggressive manner in order to reduce crashes and criminal activity. The Patrol Division operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Patrol Division is currently under the command of Lieutenant Matthew Ivory. Lieutenant Ivory has 16 years of experience with the White Lake Township Police Department. He has received training in all aspects of law enforcement, including leadership, training of personnel, and administration. Lieutenant Ivory graduated from Ferris State University, obtaining a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration on law enforcement. He is also a 2015 graduate of the Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command, Class 376. After serving for six years as a shift Sergeant, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 2019.

Lieutenant Ivory can be reached by phone at 248-698-4400 or by email at mivory@whitelakepolice.com


Public safety agencies must be able to communicate effectively with each other to protect and serve citizens. The Police Communications department  is the first line position responsible for planning, organizing, directing, and supervising the work of 9-1-1 Dispatch and Police Communication Center.